July 14, 2024

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Tigray news

Tigray news: Afar rejects reports of Tigray forces having entered Mille town

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Tigray news

Tigray news: Afar news sources have denied claims that Tigray forces have entered Mille town of Afar region. Last night Tigray-backed social media activists claimed that Tigray forces had entered strategic Mille town in the Afar region.

News sources from the Afar region have shared several pictures and videos showing Afar militia members in Millet town of the Afar region. Mille town is situated on strategic Ethiopia-Djibouti road.

Tigay regional government, so far, has not shared any statement about its forces entering Mille town. For the last 4 months, TDF has been trying to cut off the Ethiopia-Djibouti road by taking control of Mille town.