July 14, 2024

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Tigray News: Afar news sources share video clips showing current battlefronts

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Tigray News: Afar news sources have shared two video clips showing the current position of Tigray forces, Afar regional force, and Ethiopian national defense force. One clip shows a picket in operation in Mille town along Ethiopia-Djibouti road. In the clip, Afar fighters and some members of the Ethiopian army can be seen stationed on the picket point. The clip indicates that there is no presence of Tigray forces in Mille town and Afar fighters are operating in coordination with Ethiopian federal forces in the Afar region.

Video clip showing Afar fighters & ENDF soldiers on Ethiopia-Djibouti road

The second video clip is from Eli Wiha town which is 50 km away from Mille town. The video clip shows one member of the Afar regional force too. The clip proves that there is no fighting in Eli Wiha. It means that the front line in the Afar region is close to Bati and Chifra, which are around 100 km away from Mille town on Ethiopia-Djibouti road.

For the past 4 months, Tigray forces have been trying to reach the Ethiopia-Djibouti road.

Video clip showing a member of Afar regional force in Eli Wiha town