April 13, 2024

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Tigray military command confirms “tactical withdrawal” from some places

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Tigray’s military command, in a statement, has confirmed that its forces are voluntarily withdrawing from some places for tactical reasons and Tigray forces will continue their struggle to remove the Ethiopian government.


Ethiopian Federal Forces, Amhara, and Afar regional forces have secured major battlefield gains within the last 7 days. Last night Tigray forces retreated from the historic Lalibela city of the Amhara region without a fight.

Tigray Central Command in its statement says that due to the Ethiopian government’s “desperate measures and actions by Amhara expansionists” , Tigray forces have decided to change their military strategy and they will continue their struggle.

Will Tigray forces withdraw from all towns under its control in the Amhara region? Will Tigray forces regroup and relaunch offensives?

Tigray regional forces and Ethiopian Federal & some regional forces have been involved in a deadly war since November 2020 which has cost tens of thousands of lives so far.