July 14, 2024

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Sudanese media says Eritrean forces are backing Ethiopian forces in Sudan-Ethiopia clashes

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Sudanese media is claiming that Ethiopian forces and militias are being backed by Eritrean troops in today’s Ethiopia-Sudan border clashes. Sudanese media, citing military sources, claims that several thousand Eritrean forces are involved in support of Ethiopian forces on the Sudan-Ethiopia border.


Meanwhile, dozens of casualties are being reported by Sudanese media on the Sudanese military side, including at least 1 army officer. Though the Ethiopian government has not officially acknowledged any casualties so far, Sudanese media says that the number of casualties on the side of the Ethiopian forces is high too.

What is the reason behind the new escalation of tensions between Sudan and Ethiopia? Is it due to a long-standing dispute over Fashaga Farms? Though today’s fighting did happen in the Barka Noreen area of Fashaga farms on the Sudan side of the border. But some sources say that the new wave of fighting could be due to Ethiopian and Eritrean apprehensions that Sudan is arming fighters of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and helping them infiltrate into Ethiopia from Sudan.