July 14, 2024

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TPLF Tigray

Resentment against TPLF government over bad governance

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TPLF-led Tigray government is coming under criticism while the region is under continuous siege. Tigray government, in its statements, keeps on blaming the Ethiopian federal government for a humanitarian crisis in Tigray. But resentment is on the rise against Tigray government officials too.

It was November 2020 when Ethiopian federal, regional and Eritrean forces laid siege to the Tigray region. Since then a very small amount of food aid has been allowed into Tigray. While tens of thousands are in dire and immediate need of humanitarian assistance, signs of internal conflict are emerging.

Several incidents of high-handedness by TPLF led Tigray government officials are being reported. Lower-level government officials are involved in extortion and embezzlement. The distribution of food aid is neither speedy nor just. Locals are calling for a fast and transparent mechanism of aid distribution.

TPLF Tigray government

A letter is being shared to show the plight of some arrested Tigrayans. The letter was written by a judge ordering the release of a detainee. But he was released after a delay of 3 months.

Apart from accountability, rule of law is another challenge. Due to worsening living conditions, crimes against property are on the rise. Cattle theft is being reported in rural areas.

Opposition parties, which are supposed to speak on behalf of people in trouble, are either sitting with the government or want a new interim government in Tigray and split with Ethiopia. Two opposition parties Salsay Woyane and Tigray Independence Party are demanding independence. The two parties in recent statements urged TPLF led Tigray government to work towards secession. Read more..

Ethiopian government officials in one of their statements last year hoped that the people of Tigray would rise against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to put an end to war. Relentless siege and Tigray government’s bad governance could lead to catastrophic humanitarian consequences in Tigray in the coming weeks.