July 14, 2024

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Perspective of ONLF on the Somali Region

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Originally an armed group, the ONLF transitioned into a political party following Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s rise to power in 2018. As tensions escalate between Ethiopia and Somalia, the ONLF finds itself at the forefront of regional dynamics.

Ambiguity in ONLF’s Statements

Despite its newfound political status, the ONLF’s statements regarding the situation in the Somali region remain vague. Recently, the ONLF expressed concerns about innocent people’s properties being robbed in Ogan and the spilling of innocent Somali blood in the area. However, the lack of specific details raises questions about the ONLF’s commitment to transparent and proactive opposition.

ONLF’s Role in Potential Confrontation

As tensions rise between Ethiopia and Somalia, the role of the ONLF becomes pivotal. The party’s ambiguous statements leave room for speculation about its stance in the event of a confrontation between the two nations. Clarity is needed on whether the ONLF would align itself with Somalia or Ethiopia in such a scenario.

Challenges in Assessing ONLF’s Authenticity

ONLF’s statements, though capturing attention, lack concrete details about casualties, perpetrators, and the circumstances surrounding the reported incidents in the Somali region. Without this critical information, assessing the authenticity and reliability of the ONLF’s claims becomes challenging.

ONLF’s Dual Role

The ONLF seems to be navigating a delicate balance between being a genuine opposition force and remaining relevant in Ethiopia’s evolving political landscape. While their statements draw attention, the absence of concrete details raises doubts about their commitment to transparently addressing the issues in the Somali region.

Need for Clarity and Accountability

As tensions persist in the Somali region, there is a growing demand for the ONLF to provide specific details about incidents, casualties, and its position in potential confrontations. Moreover, the Clarity is essential for the Ethiopian public and the international community to understand the ONLF’s role in these complex dynamics.


The ONLF’s transformation from an armed group to a political party brings new dimensions to Ethiopia’s political landscape. However, the party’s vague statements necessitate a call for clarity and accountability as Ethiopia navigates the challenges in the Somali region.

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