April 16, 2024

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Eritrean Diaspora Groups’ Lobbying in Europe

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The once-physical clashes between Eritrean diaspora groups have now transformed into a political and legal battleground. Recent events indicate a significant shift, with both sides engaging in strategic maneuvers to advance their respective agendas.

Brigade Nhamedu and Criminal Charges

Brigade Nhamedu, an Eritrean opposition group, is a notable player in this political tug-of-war. The group has faced criminal charges in European countries after initiating clashes with pro-government communities. The arrests and legal actions have added a new dimension to the ongoing struggle, prompting a reevaluation of the tactics employed by diaspora groups.

Pro-Government Community’s Counteraction

On the other side of the spectrum, the pro-Eritrean government community is actively working to brand opposition groups as terrorists and advocate for their expulsion from European countries. This marks a strategic move to limit the influence of Eritrean opposition on the international stage.

Norway’s Legislative Proposal

In Norway, a political party has boldly submitted a legislative proposal to curtail Eritrea’s influence abroad. The proposal encompasses various points, including a ban on diaspora tax collection – a significant source of revenue for the Eritrean government. The upcoming parliamentary discussion in Norway adds a layer of suspense to the ongoing diplomatic struggles.

Opposition Groups’ Lobbying Efforts

Eritrean opposition groups actively reach out to lawmakers and Members of Parliament (MPs) in European countries. Their objective is to garner support for legislation limiting the Eritrean government’s influence in Europe. This diplomatic maneuvering signifies a departure from the physical confrontations witnessed.

Crucial Week in Parliament

As the proposal in Norway awaits parliamentary discussion, the diaspora struggle enters a pivotal week. The decisions made during this period could shape the future trajectory of Eritrean diaspora politics in Europe. Opposition groups view this as a potential victory, signaling that European lawmakers recognize the need to protect Eritreans from the negative influence of their government.

From Violence to Diplomacy

The shift from physical clashes to diplomatic and legal strategies marks a turning point in the Eritrean diaspora’s fight. The success of these new approaches will determine the effectiveness of opposition groups in curbing the Eritrean government’s reach and influence on the international stage.


As the Eritrean diaspora engages in diplomatic and legal battles, the coming days will unveil the outcomes of legislative proposals and the effectiveness of lobbying efforts. The fight has evolved, and the diaspora community must adapt to novel and creative means of achieving its goals in the ever-changing political landscape.

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