July 14, 2024

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Warning by IMF to Ethiopian Government

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Ethiopia has been talking with the IMF for months, seeking a crucial bailout package. While the IMF has granted assistance to other nations such as Kenya and Egypt, Ethiopia’s case seems to face reluctance. The impending visit of a top IMF delegation to Ethiopia has raised eyebrows, particularly in light of the situation in the Amhara region.

Link Between Amhara Situation and IMF’s Decision

The IMF’s hesitation appears to be connected to the events unfolding in the Amhara region. Recent statements from an IMF official express concern about the frequency of violence in both Amhara and Oromia. The IMF representative emphasized resolving these issues through dialogue and peaceful means. This scrutiny of Ethiopia’s internal conflicts raises doubts about the country’s eligibility for the IMF’s financial support.

Civilian Casualties and the IMF’s Ultimatum

Speculation arises regarding the Ethiopian government’s efforts to minimize civilian casualties, particularly in Amhara, before the IMF delegation’s visit. Decreasing the frequency of airstrikes in the region is a strategic move to ensure a smoother negotiation process. The IMF’s request is explicit – continued violence in Amhara may jeopardize Ethiopia’s chances of securing a bailout package.

International Concerns and Ethiopia’s Dilemma

The United States has already expressed reservations, stating that support for IMF initiatives in Ethiopia could be challenging if human rights violations persist in the Amhara region. With the IMF echoing similar concerns, the Ethiopian government finds itself at a crossroads. Balancing the need for financial aid with addressing internal conflicts becomes a complex challenge.

Prospects and Questions

As the IMF delegation prepares to visit Ethiopia in the coming weeks, the prospects of securing a bailout package appear dim. The government faces the dilemma of showing flexibility in addressing the concerns raised by international entities while navigating the ongoing ground operations in Amhara.


As the IMF’s scrutiny intensifies, Ethiopia’s economic future hangs in the balance. The nation must navigate a delicate path, addressing internal conflicts while seeking international support. Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving situation.

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