April 16, 2024

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Eritrean Military to Conduct Joint Drills with Russia

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In 30 years of the diplomatic relationship between Russia and Eriteria, a Russian military ship will join the drill with the Eritrean military for the first time. On Thursday, the Russian ambassador to Eritrea, Igor Mozgo, confirmed this.

Igor Mozgo announced that the ship, called ‘Marshal Shaposhnikov,’ a particular type called Udaloy-class frigate, has arrived at Eritrea’s Port of Massawa and plans to stay there until April 5. Russian sailors will do various activities with the Eritrean Military, as per the statement from the Russian ambassador, Igor Mozgo.

ship Marshal Shaposhnikov

This month, the Russian Navy participated in military exercises with the navies of China and Iran in the Gulf of Oman. The same ship, ‘Marshal Shaposhnikov,’ was part of those drills. Growing Russian naval presence in and around Red Sea seems to be linked to increasing American and Western naval presence in this area. Yemeni Houth fighters and US aided by western countries have been involved in exchange of attacks in the Red Sea lately.

Russia and Eritrea officially started their relationship in 1993. Russia opened an embassy in Eritrea’s capital, Asmara, in 1994. Two years later, Eritrea opened an embassy in Moscow.

Last May, the Eritrean President visited Russia. During their meeting, they discussed how Russia and Eritrea can strengthen their relationship and help each other.  Afwerki also attended the Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg last July. At the summit, Eritrean President lashed out at US and western countries and urged his Russian counterpart to work for the establishment of a new alternative world order.

In recent years, it has been heard that Russia is interested in establishing a naval base here in Eritrea as it is a key ally of Eritrea. Last month, President Putin sent free wheat to some African countries. Eritrea was one of them.

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