April 16, 2024

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Ethiopia power outage

Sudden Power Outage in Entire Ethiopia

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Sudden power outage in Ethiopia today left almost entire country without electricity. Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) issued a statement in this regard.

On Thursday, the sudden power disruption hit almost entire Ethiopia. Bahir Dar, Amhara regional capital, and surroundings were not affected reportedly. After a disruption of around 2 hours, resumption of electricity began in some parts of the country.

It took EEP almost five hours to restore power supply in all parts of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Electric Power said that the power outage in Ethiopia was caused by problem in EEP system. But EEP did not share detail of the actual cause of disruption.

Interestingly this month Ethiopian Commercial Bank CBE was hit by a technical glitch. CBE lost around $14 million. The bank is in the process of recovering the money lost during the technical glitch.

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