April 16, 2024

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Amhara Tigray

Amhara Region Govt Slams Tigray Govt

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Amhara region government issued a statement today. The statement came in response to a statement from Tigray interim government released earlier this week.

Tigray government this week criticized Amhara region government for allegedly including Tigray territories on Amhara regional map. Western zone (Wolkait Humera Tsegede Tselemti ) and Southern zone ( Raya Alamata, Ofla) are disputed between the two regional states. Both have their claims to the areas citing historical facts.

Amhara region government today slammed Tigray’s statement, stating that Wolkait Humera Tesege, Raya Alamata and Ofla, Tselemti residents had genuine questions about identity and self governance for years. But the questions were allegedly suppressed by TPLF-led EPRD government and TPLF resorted to atrocities and annexation of these territories. But when war broke out in northern Ethiopia, residents of disputed territories stood with federal government and took control of their lands.

Amhara region government asks Tigray to come to dialogue and refrain from “map politics”. Tigray and Amhara regional presidents held a meeting around a week ago. But it seems that no progress could be made about the status of disputed territories.

All the disputed territories are under Amhara provisional administration control, with presence of Ethiopian federal troops too. On Monday, there was exchange of gunfire between Tigray and Amhara militias in Raya Alamata. It seems that if border issued between Tigray and Amhara are not resolved, it could lead to another armed conflict in northern Ethiopia.

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