July 14, 2024

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Raya Alamata

Tigray fighters capture new kebeles in Raya Alamata

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Tigray fighters reportedly captured new kebeles during Monday’s clash between Tigray and Amhara fighters in Raya Alamata.

In a sudden escalation on Monday night, fighting broke out between Tigray and Amhara fighters in southern zone. Southern zone ( Raya Alamata & Korem) and Western zone ( Humera Wolkait Tsegede ) are disputed between Tigray & Amhara regional states. Both have their claims to the two zones. Amhara region backed provisional administration is in control of the area while Ethiopian military is also deployed to these territories.

Tigray interim government and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have been asking the federal government to expel Amhara administration and militias from these areas and hand them over to Tigray. Federal government last year proposed a 4-stage solution including holding of referendum to resolve the issue. But the proposal of referendum was rejected by Tigray side.

On Monday night, Tigray fighters carried out a probing attack near Alamata-Mehoni road. TDF members tried to push into new kebeles in Raya Alamata. Amhara militias resisted which led to exchange of gunfire between the two sides near Berteklai. Reportedly Tigray fighters managed to capture more than 1 kebele in this confrontation.

Ethiopian military blocked Alamata to Mehoni and Alamata to Maychew roads to stop movement movement of Amhara militia reinforcement towards the scene of fighting. Overall situation in the area is still tense. Amhara militia members are calling this attack by Tigray fighters a violation of Pretoria deal. The deal was signed between Ethiopian warring parties in November 2022 to end the two year long deadly war.

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