July 14, 2024

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Who Will Succeed Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki?

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In Eritrea’s tightly controlled political landscape, where information is scarce, and dissent is suppressed, rumors often flourish. Recent speculations have emerged regarding the potential successor to President Isaias Afwerki, mainly focusing on his son, Abraham Afwerki.

Rumors Amidst Political Silence

Eritrea, a country governed by President Isaias Afwerki for over three decades, lacks formal opposition parties, and dissent is not tolerated. The absence of a clear succession plan has fueled speculation, especially considering President Afwerki’s advancing age and extended tenure.

During a recent press conference in Kenya, President Afwerki faced inquiries about his succession plans, to which he provided no concrete answers, further adding to the speculation surrounding the issue.

The Emergence of Abraham Afwerki

Amidst these uncertainties, rumors suggest President Afwerki’s son, Abraham Afwerki, may be groomed as his successor. According to reports, Abraham currently holds positions within the military logistics department and the Air Force.

Eritrean President's Son Abraham Afwerki

Preparing the Ground for Succession

Speculations indicate that efforts may be underway to bolster Abraham’s image and leadership potential. Moreover, these efforts could involve state-backed campaigns to present Abraham as a suitable successor, potentially paving the way for his eventual ascension to power.

Questions and Concerns

Despite the prevalence of rumors, significant questions remain unanswered. Abraham’s qualifications and capabilities for assuming such a crucial role are subject to scrutiny, especially considering his purported lack of involvement in significant political or military endeavors thus far.

Awaiting Clarity

As the rumors swirl and speculation mounts, Eritreans are left in limbo, grappling with uncertainties about their country’s future leadership. Moreover, with no official confirmation or denial from the government, the populace is left to speculate and wonder about what lies ahead.


The absence of transparent information and the prevalence of rumors highlight the need for clarity and openness in Eritrea’s political landscape. Moreover, as the nation navigates the complexities of succession, the hopes and concerns of its citizens remain intertwined with the uncertain future of its leadership.

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