June 20, 2024

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National Bank of Ethiopia NBE

National Bank of Ethiopia NBE Exchange Rates

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These are the updated National Bank of Ethiopia NBE Exchange Rates for today.

20 June 2024

CurrencyCash BuyingCash SellingTransactional BuyingTransactional Selling
US Dollar USD57.249858.394857.249857.8223
Pound Sterling GBP69.58370.974772.861873.5904
Swiss Franc CHF61.812963.049264.725665.3729
Swedish Kroner SEK4.96815.06755.48965.5445
Norwegian Krone NOK4.90615.00425.42115.4753
Danish Kroner DKK7.46717.61648.25098.3334
Djibouti Franc DJF0.32060.3270.32060.3303
Indian Rupee INR0.68610.69980.68610.693
Kenyan Shilling KES0.44380.45270.44380.4571
Japanese Yen JPY0.3280.33460.36240.3661
Canadian Dollar CAD37.785238.540941.751642.1691
Australian Dollar AUD34.532135.222742.169138.5386
Saudi Riyal SAR13.8114.086215.259715.4123
UAE Dirham AED14.103614.385715.584115.74
Euro EUR61.537862.768661.537862.1532
Special Drawing Right XDR75.426676.935175.426676.1809
South African Rand ZAR3.1773.24053.1773.2088
Chinese Yuan CNY7.13957.28237.88897.9678
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD178.3178181.8842186.7202188.5874

National Bank of Ethiopia NBE exchange rates are regularly updated on this site. Not only are NBE exchange rates update, but also all major developments related to the Ethiopian Banking industry are covered on this site.