July 14, 2024

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commercial bank of Ethiopia CBE

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Asks Customers to Visit the Bank

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Earlier this week, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, issued a final warning to 5166 customers involved in illegal transactions. CBE asked them to return the money to the bank. They were told that If they failed to do that, CBE bank would take action against them.

Hundreds of customers who made transactions from CBE to other banks and betting institutions have not been able to return the money.

Today Commercial Bank of Ethiopia issued a statement about these account holders. CBE bank, through a statement, asked these customers to visit their relevant bank branches. The customers will fill in forms at the bank branches so that the money transferred to betting institutions could be recovered. Based on this application form, CBE Bank will take action and try to recover the money. The bank still needs to recover an amount of $4M out of the $14M lost during a technical glitch earlier this month.

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