April 16, 2024

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Sudanese Government Files Complaint Against UAE with UN Security Council

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On Thursday, Sudan filed a complaint against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the UN Security Council. The Sudanese government, led by General Abdul Fattah al Burhan, claims that the UAE is supporting Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in the ongoing civil war that broke out in Sudan on 15th April 2023.

Ambassador Al-Harith Idris Al-Harith, permanent representative of the Sudanese mission to the United Nations, signed this complaint. The complaint states that Rapid Support Forces started the war, and they want to seize power by force to implement a foreign agenda.

This is the first formal official complaint from the Sudanese military-led government against UAE. But Sudanese top Generals like Yasair Al Atta have been accusing UAE of backing RSF since the start of the war.

“UAE’s support for Rapid Support Forces is prolonging the war in Sudan,” the complaint letter states. This support includes planning, encouraging, and giving direct help, as well as diplomatic, media, and logistical support.

The Sudanese government asks the UNSC to condemn and stop UAE interference in Sudan. The complaint letter accuses Sudan’s neighboring country Chad too. UAE has been supporting RSF through Chad. On the Chad-Sudan border, UAE backed humanitarian operations are underway, which seem to be a coverup for the provision of military support to RSF.

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