April 16, 2024

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Somalia parliament

Parliament of Somalia Approves Controversial Amendments

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Parliament of Somalia today approved controversial constitutional amendments. Discussions have been ongoing for weeks for these amendments.

The joint session of the parliament of Somalia was attended by 211 MPs and 42 Senators. According to the house speaker, parliament approved the amendments unanimously. Voting on four chapters 13,16, 28 and 29 was postponed.

For days, opposition politicians have been warning President Hassan Sheikh’s government against introducing these amendments. Former Presidents Abdullahi Farmajo, Shareef Sheikh and other opposition politicians rejected these amendments calling it an attempt by President Hassan Sheikh to enhance his powers at the cost of political stability.

Puntland, a federal member state of Somalia, voiced its opposition to these amendments on Thursday. In a statement, Puntland warned federal government of Somalia against introducing these constitutional changes without creation of consensus.

Somalia has clan based hybrid parliamentary democracy where Hawiye and Darood clans hold immense powers. New amendments will introduce universal suffrage and more powers for the President and federal government.

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