July 14, 2024

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Gondar city

Fighting in Gondar City between Fano Militia & Ethiopian Military

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Fighting erupted on Sunday in Gondar city between Fano militia members and Ethiopian military. Since last year, Ethiopian military has been conducting a military operation to dismantle Amhara Fano militias operating in the regional state of Amhara.

On Sunday, fighting broke out in two zones of the Gondar city. On Sunday morning, military and Fano clashed in southern outskirts of Gondar city. In the southern part of Gondar city, Ethiopian military has a base called Azezo defense camp. Reportedly Fano fighters tried to push towards the military camp which led to start of fighting in the area, which went on for hours.

In the evening, fighting broke out in the central part of the city. In Meraki sub city, exchange of gunfire happened between Fano fighters and military supported by regional police and militia. Neither military nor Fano issued any statement about Sunday’s clashes.

Last month, Ethiopian military launched a new ground operation to dismantle Fano groups. Military claims to have inflicted heavy losses on Fano militias in the ongoing operation. Fano groups also making similar claims too. Overall security situation in the Amhara region remains unstable and unpredictable.

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