December 3, 2023

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Horn of Africa

Sudanese army chief Al Burhan arrives on Sudan-Ethiopia border

Horn of Africa

Sudanese army chief Abdul Fattah Al Burhan has arrived on the Sudan Ethiopia border. Yesterday heavy clashes erupted between Sudanese and Ethiopian forces on the Sudan-Ethiopia border. According to Sudanese media, more than 20 Sudanese soldiers were killed in yesterday’s clashes in Fashaga Al Sughra in yesterday’s fighting.

Sudanese military chief is visiting the area where fighting erupted yesterday. At the start of this year, Sudan took control of Fashaga, a long-standing disputed territory on the Sudan-Ethiopia border, after Ethiopian federal and regional forces were preoccupied in the internal Tigray conflict. Since then tensions have been rising between Sudanese and Ethiopian forces and militias in border areas.

The Ethiopian government, in a statement today, denied firing on Sudanese soldiers and claimed that members of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) tried to enter Ethiopia from Sudan, who were stopped by local farmers and militias.