July 14, 2024

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Several People Kidnapped in Western Gondar

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In the volatile Amhara region, recent reports of kidnappings have heightened security concerns, exacerbating tensions in an already precarious situation.

The roads connecting Gondar with Sudan have been a focal point of recent unrest, with military operations leading to the closure of key routes. Amidst this backdrop, reports have emerged of armed groups kidnapping several civilians traveling along these routes. While the identity of the victims remains unclear, the incident underscores the vulnerability of civilians caught in the crossfire of ongoing conflicts.

The abductees were traveling from Chilga (Aykel) to Metema. Metema is situated on Ethiopia-Sudan border. The armed group stopped the travelers and took 5 of them away. Immediately after that, the Ethiopian military launched an operation in the area. Reports are coming in of an exchange of gunfire between the Ethiopian military and Fano fighters in the area.


Both the Ethiopian military and Fano groups have maintained silence regarding the abductions, leaving civilians at risk of further violence and reprisal attacks. Moreover, the strategic significance of the area, with its proximity to Sudan and border crossings, amplifies concerns about the escalation of hostilities and the safety of residents. Fano fighters have been trying to spread into western Gondar to connect with Sudan. Sudan could serve as a delivery and procurement site of weapons and logistics for Fano groups.

No Fano group has claimed responsibility for this kidnapping. Two days ago, Amhara Regional State Deputy Communication head’s wife and kid were abducted. Additionally, Wondwossen Lagesse’s family was kidnapped in Abay Mido. Moreover, fingers are being pointed towards Fano groups, who have launched a revenge operation after the death of one of their top commanders. Fano commander Wubante Abate was killed by the Ethiopian military on Tuesday in south Gondar.


The abduction of civilians in Gondar underscores the urgent need for concerted efforts to address security challenges in Western Ethiopia. As stakeholders monitor the situation, prioritizing the protection of civilians and facilitating dialogue between conflicting parties is essential to prevent further destabilization and restore peace to the region.

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