July 14, 2024

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Ethiopian Military Allegedly Kills 10 in Western Oromia

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In a revenge attack in western Oromia, the Ethiopian military allegedly killed 10 people this week. While the military has maintained silence about the incident, locals are confirming the incident.

Reports have surfaced of around ten civilians, primarily youths, being killed allegedly by Ethiopian military forces in the East Walaga zone of Oromia. The incident follows the killing of an Ethiopian Defense Force (ENDF) member, prompting a retaliatory operation by military forces against suspected perpetrators.

The incident happened in the Gida Ayana district in East Wellega. According to the locals of the area, most of the killed are from one ethnic group. While Wellega has been the center of Amhara-Oromo ethnic violence for decades. Amhara people living in Wellega zones have been complaining of discrimination. Thousands of Amharas in recent years were displaced from Wellega into Amhara. While recently, the Ethiopian federal government and the Oromia regional government launched a campaign to return displaced people back to Oromia from Amhara.


The lack of accountability and impunity of security forces in Ethiopia has exacerbated tensions, with extrajudicial killings becoming distressingly common. Moreover, allegations of indiscriminate violence against civilians underscore the urgent need for accountability and justice in the region. Last month, the Ethiopian military was accused of killing dozens of people extra judicially in Merawi town in the Amhara region. The government denied civilian killings, saying the killed men were “extremists” from Fano groups.


The escalation of violence in Oromia highlights the complex challenges facing Ethiopia, with civilian casualties further fueling tensions and grievances. While addressing the root causes of conflict and ensuring accountability for human rights violations is paramount to fostering regional reconciliation and stability.

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