July 19, 2024

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Eskinder Nega

Fano commander Eskinder Nega

Eskinder Nega speaks about the death of Wubante Abate

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Fano commander Eskinder Nega has released a video message in connection with the death of Wubante Abate. Wubante Abane, south Gondar Fano commander, was killed by Ethiopian military on Tuesday. Since his death, Fano groups and commanders have been issuing statements vowing to continue the resistance movement. Since last year, Fano militia groups have been fighting against the Ethiopian security forces. The government tried to disarm these militias last year which led to the start of armed uprising in the Amhara region.

Eskinder, who founded and led Balderas political party, took up arms against the government last year. He founded Amhara Popular Front, an armed group, last year in Gojjam Amhara. However this month he announced the establishment of another Fano platform called Amhara Fano People’s Army.

In recent days, it was being rumored that Eskinder Nega had been sidelined by other Fano groups and he was in hiding. But his latest video about Wubante Abate’s death dispels such rumors.

The video was released from an unknown and unspecified location in the Amhara region where Eskinder Nega is leading an armed resistance movement against the Amhara regional government and the Ethiopian federal government.

He extended condolences to Wubante Abate’s family and Amhara people in the video. But he declared that nothing can stop Amhara struggle. Praising Wubante Abate, he announced that the resistance movement will go on.

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