April 16, 2024

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Amhara Fano

Shewa Fano

Fano Launch “Zemecha Operation Wubante” across Amhara & Addis Ababa

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Fano groups from all parts of the Amhara region have announced to launch new operations against the government. The announcement came after a top Fano commander, Wubante Abate, was killed on Tuesday by Ethiopian security forces in South Gondar. Fano groups from Gojjam, Shewa, Wollo and Gondar issued separate statements last night. They vowed to hit security forces in a co ordinated operation. Fano commander Eskinder Nega also released a video message about Wubante’s death. Read more..

Gojjam Fano

Gojjam Fano

In a video message last night, Gojjam Fano commanders announced to start Wubante Operation against Ethiopian security forces. They said,” We have started an operation in Dega Damot and Mota. A warrior died but our struggle will continue. We call on our people to help us.”

Gojjam Fano commander Eshetu said,” our warrior died for his people and he made thousands of soldiers like him. Today our superior ask us to start an operation on behalf of his name. We are going to start operation in 4 sides and my fighters started an operation on Quarit. He is our new Asaminew tisge.”

 Fano commander Abebe Sewmohn said,” we have started an operation in Feres Bet. Our main goal is our worrier died and we need to accomplish his dream.”

Fano commander Selishe said,” our warrior died and we need to accomplish his dreams and we are going to work together in this new operation.”

Shewa Fano

Shewa Fano, led by commander Mekataw, also issued a video statement backing Operation Wubante.

Meketaw said,” Guna Brigade leader Wubante Abate promised freedom to Amahra and he died fighting for it. When a warrior dies, he leaves thousands others to take his position and we will make thousands of Wubante. Amahra. We have so much respect for him, he did a lot for Amahra people and on part of Shewa we will cherish his name and do an operation for him.”

 Abebe Mulatu said,” Fano’s ideology is that you get respect for dying fighting and it’s embarrassing to flee or being scared. Wubante died fighting and we are ready to die just like him for what we believe in. We promise in Shewa to open many fronts and be victorious in the memory of Wubante. Zemecha Operation Wubante started today in Ataye and we will continue.”

Wollo Fano

East Amhara Fano

Fano Abebe Fentaw of Amhara Fano Unity Council and head OF Public Relations of East Amhara Fano announced last night that they will join Operation Wubante in commemoration of Wubante Abate. The operation will take place across Amhara region and in Addis Ababa.

Gondar Fano

Gondar Fano also issued a video statement last night. It stated,” Wubante joined fano when Tigray entered Amahra. In the past 9 month he led 172 clashes against Ethiopian military. Of the all them 128 he led from front and 44 of from the camp. He accomplished a lot in 172 of the clashes killing, capturing, and injuring the enemy. He made south Gonder strong, recruited thousands of youth and trained thousands of soldiers, and made south Gonder a stronghold of Fano. The day he died it was 7 pm and he was fighting against 78 and 92 divisions of of the enemy command. In that fight his brigade killed dozens of ENDF soldiers in Dera Woreda.”

The Gondar Fano commanders said,” Wubante had a management degree but he gave his life to Amahra people. He got married and had children. He had farming land, multiple vehicles for business, and several houses. But left all that because for the freedom of Amahra. Zemecha Operation Wubante has been launched. All the 4 side of Amahra Fano have agreed to conduct strategic operation Wubante. Operation Wubante will be conducted in Amahra region and Addis Abeba and we will attack government officials.”

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