July 14, 2024

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Another Fano Commander Killed in the Amhara Region

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Another Fano militia commander has been killed in the Amhara region. For the last 3 weeks, the Ethiopian military has been conducting a new ground operation against Fano fighters in the troubled Amhara region. The region turned into a battleground last year when the Ethiopian government decide to disband Fano militias.

The Ethiopian military today announced the death of the Fano commander through its social media page. Fano commander Shambel Mengiste was killed on Friday in South Gondar. The commander was on the move towards Ibnat city when he came under attack. Military claims that more than 10 other Fano fighters were also killed in this operation.

On Tuesday, Ethiopian military killed a top Fano commander in the same zone i.e. South Gondar. South Gondar Fano chief Wubante Abate was killed in Dera. Fano and military both confirmed the death of Wubante Abate.

After the death of Wubante Abate, all Fano groups from Gondar, Shewa, Gojjam and Wollo announced to launch a co ordinated revenge operatios. Today Gojjam Fano spokesperson Marshet Tsehaye claimed that Gojjam Fano fighters had killed Brigadier General Gadissa Diro of the Ethiopian military. Military did not issue any statement to confirm or reject Fano’s claim.

Since last year, Fano groups and security forces have been involved in region wide clashes. While international community is calling for dialogue to resolve the issue, both parties want to use the military option to end the conflict.

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