April 16, 2024

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Ethiopia Breaking News_ Brigadier General Gadisa Diro

Ethiopia Breaking News: Top Military Officer Killed in the Amhara Region

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Ethiopia Breaking News: A senior Ethiopian military officer has been killed in the Amhara region, claims Fano militia.

It was last year when the Ethiopian military launched an operation to disband and disarm Fano militia groups. The Fano militia groups, based in the Amhara region, fought alongside the military against Tigray forces in the two-year long war that came to an end in November 2022. But after TPLF and the Ethiopian Federal Government signed the Pretoria peace deal in November 2022, the Ethiopian government decided to disband Fano militias, which led to the start of an uprising in the Amhara region.

This week, the military killed a top Fano commander, the biggest loss suffered by Fano groups so far. Fano commander Wubante Abate was killed in an operation by the Ethiopian military in South Gondar. Both Fano and the Ethiopian military confirmed the death of the Fano commander.

After the death of Wubante Abate, Fano groups announced the launch of Zemecha Operation Wubante to take revenge for Wubante’s death. Since then, Fano fighters have been carrying out attacks on the Ethiopian military, Prosperity Party members, and government officials.

Ethiopia Breaking News: Today, Marshet Tsehaye, Gojjam Fano spokesperson, talking to a news outlet, claimed that Fano fighters had killed Brigadier General Gadisa Diro. Gadisa Diro is a senior Ethiopian military officer. Fano fighters claim that the General was killed in Dega Damot Gojjam. Ethiopian military is silent on this claim by the Fano fighters. If Gadisa Diro’s death is confirmed, it would the biggest loss suffered by the Ethiopian military in the Amhara region so far.

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