July 14, 2024

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Tigray Government Releases Ethiopian Military Members

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Tigray interim government yesterday announced the release of dozens of members of the Ethiopian military.

During Tigray war, Tigray forces captured thousands of Ethiopian Military members. Most of them were released during the war and after the two sides signed peace deal in November 2022. However not all ENDF soldiers were released by Tigray authorities.

Yesterday Tigray authorities announced the release of 112 ENDF members. The soldiers were not released earlier because they were involved in committing crimes in Tigray, said Tigray interim government in a statement yesterday.

Interestingly this week, the Ethiopian federal government granted mercy to a Tigrayan General who has been in prison since 2018. Charges against Major General Kifne Dagnew, former head of METEC (Metal & Engineering Corporation), were dropped this week by the federal authorities. The release of ENDF soldiers seems to be linked to the release of Major General Kinfe Dagnew.

Tigray People’s Liberation Front and Tigray interim government have been urging the federal government to release Tigrinya speaking members of Ethiopian National Defense Force who were put in prison after war broke out in northern Ethiopia. Talks were held this week between Tigray leaders and federal government representatives on issues including imprisoned Tigrinya speaking ENDF members.

Human Rights Organizations, International Community have been urging federal government to hold Ethiopian National Defense Force and Eritrean Defense Force members, Tigray fighters & Amhara fighters accountable for human rights violations committed in Ethiopia. But the release of ENDF members, allegedly involved in crimes in Tigray, indicates that no progress has been made to serve justice. All parties to Tigray war were accused of human rights abuses during the 2-year long war.

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