April 16, 2024

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Somali News: Somalia Grapples with Upsurge in Attacks by Armed Group

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Somali News: Somalia continues to grapple with security challenges posed by the militant group Al-Shabab (AS). For years, Somali forces have been vowing to crush AS but military offensives invariably failed to strike decisive blows to the armed group.

In 2022, When Hassan Sheikh took office as the President, he announced to launch a co ordinated operation to destroy AS. But it seems that the ongoing operation is losing momentum. AS have intensified their assaults on the Somali military in recent days, reclaiming territories in Jubaland and posing a significant threat to Somali security forces. Despite efforts by various regional and international actors to combat the group, AS remains a formidable force in Somalia’s complex security landscape.

On Thursday morning, AS fighters stormed a SNA military base near Kismayo town in Jubaland. This week, AS stormed SYL hotel in Mogadishu. The hotel is situated 500 meters away from Villa Somalia. The new wave of attacks by AS indicate that the military offensive is stalled.

The lack of a unified military command structure and ongoing internal divisions within Somalia’s political landscape have hindered efforts to counter the insurgency effectively. With the recent lifting of the arms embargo on Somalia, the government faces the challenge of establishing a cohesive and well-trained military force.

As Somalia grapples with internal divisions and external threats, the road ahead remains fraught with challenges. Moreover, the success of efforts to contain AS and restore stability to the country will depend on the unity and resilience of Somalia’s key stakeholders.


As AS escalates its attacks on the Somali military, the country faces a critical juncture in its security landscape. Stay tuned for further updates on Somali news to counter the insurgency and restore peace and stability to the region.

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