April 16, 2024

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meeting between egyptians and somali aviation officials

Growing Presence of Egypt in Somalia

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In recent years, Egypt has been strategically expanding its presence in Somalia, a move that has significant implications for the geopolitical dynamics of the Horn of Africa. While historically, Egypt’s primary focus has been on its Nile River interests and its rivalry with Ethiopia, its foray into Somalia represents a calculated effort to extend its influence further eastward.

Finance and Investment

One notable aspect of Egypt’s involvement in Somalia is its increasing financial presence. Egyptian Banque Misr has been granted operating licenses in Somalia, allowing it to establish branches and facilitate financial transactions. This move not only strengthens economic ties between the two countries but also lays the groundwork for deeper engagement in Somalia’s economic development.

Military Cooperation and Security

Egypt’s presence in Somalia extends beyond the realm of finance. Reports indicate that Egyptian military contractors have been observed in Somalia, suggesting a broader agenda that includes security cooperation. While Egyptian troops are not part of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), Egyptian officers have been seen engaging with AU peacekeepers, sparking speculation about future military involvement.

Construction of Military Infrastructure

Moreover, there are indications that Egypt is considering the construction of a military base in Somalia. While the exact nature and scope of this military infrastructure remain unclear, its establishment would mark a significant escalation of Egypt’s military footprint in the region. Such a development could have far-reaching consequences for regional security dynamics and exacerbate existing tensions.

Aviation and Transportation

In addition to financial and military engagements, Egypt is also exploring avenues for enhancing connectivity with Somalia. Yesterday, Egyptian and Somali aviation officials met in Mogadishu. Egypt Air is showing interest in launching direct flights to and from Mogadishu. Preliminary talks have been held. In the coming days, Egypt Air could start operating in Somalia. If realized, these direct air routes would not only facilitate people-to-people exchanges but also bolster trade and diplomatic relations between Egypt and Somalia.

Strategic Implications

Egypt’s expanding presence in Somalia carries profound strategic implications for the Horn of Africa and beyond. It underscores Egypt’s strategic imperative to diversify its geopolitical partnerships and counterbalance the influence of regional rivals, particularly Ethiopia. Furthermore, Egypt’s engagement in Somalia could potentially complicate efforts to resolve internal conflicts and stabilize the region, as external actors vie for influence and leverage.


As Egypt deepens its engagement with Somalia across various domains, from finance and military cooperation to transportation infrastructure, the contours of regional geopolitics continue to evolve. While Egypt’s strategic maneuvering may be driven by its national interests, its impact reverberates across the Horn of Africa, shaping alliances, rivalries, and the pursuit of stability and security in the region. As such, the growing presence of Egypt in Somalia warrants close attention and careful analysis by stakeholders invested in the region’s future.

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