April 16, 2024

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Rejection by TPLF of Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission Decision

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In a separate development, the Eritrean Information Minister criticized the TPLF for its new stance on the Ethiopia-Eritrea boundary commission decision made more than two decades ago. The TPLF’s rejection of the decision has not garnered support from key international players, including Brussels, London, Washington, and the EU.

Eritrea’s Response and TPLF’s Isolation

Through its Information Ministry, Eritrea asserted that the TPLF stands alone in its new position, highlighting the lack of support from significant international and regional players. Despite recent talks in Addis Ababa mediated by the African Union, the EU, and the US, there has been no mention of the alleged Eritrean military presence in Tigray, signifying the situation’s sensitivity.


As the TPLF faces isolation in its rejection of the Ethiopia-Eritrea boundary commission decision, questions arise about the Ethiopian government’s stance and how it will handle the situation. The lack of endorsement from major players makes Tigray’s new position precarious. The coming days will reveal the stance of the federal government and whether it will align with the TPLF, Eritrea, or maintain a neutral position.

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