April 16, 2024

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Getachew Reda Tigray

Interim Administration of Tigray Warns Amhara Regional Government

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The cabinet of the Interim administration of Tigray today issued a statement warning Amhara Regional government. The Tigray government states that Amhara regional government has altered Amhara regional map, showing Tigray’s territoritories as part of Amhara. And this map is being taught at Amhara regional educational institutions.

Southern and Western zones, which were part of Tigray before war broke out in November 2020, are disputed between Tigray and Amhara. During the war, Amhara and Federal forces took control of Western zone (Wolkait, Humera Tsegege) and Southern zone (Raya Alamata & Korem). Amhara claim that the areas are part of Amhara but annexed by Tigray in the past.

Tigray is demaning from Amhara regional state government to correct the mistake of publishing wrong map, calling it a provocations and attempt to obstruct peace process.

Interestingtly, Tigray and Amhara leaders met last week to resove the deadlock over disputed territories. The meeting ended with no progress about issue of contested territories but both sides agreed on return of IDPs. Around a million displaced people are waiting in Tigray to return to their homes in disputed territories.

At the end of the statement, Tigray adopts a menacing tone. It says that Amhara region will be responsible for anything which would happens in future about these disputed territories.

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