April 16, 2024

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CBE Ethiopian Commercial Bank

CBE Bank Releases the List of Customers Who Didn’t Return the Money

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On March 16, 2024, the news about the technical glitch of CBE Bank spread across Ethiopia. Customers, especially university students, withdrew and transferred amounts exceeding their account balance. Today, the CBE Bank chief shared details of how much money was lost by the bank during the glitch. As per the initial reports, the bank lost more than $40M in the technical glitch, and university students withdrew most of the money.

The head of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia claimed today that they had recovered around $10M. The customers who withdrew more than their account balance returned the money voluntarily. But still, CBE is warning and waiting for many other customers to return the money. The bank will file criminal charges against them if they don’t return the money. The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia believes that it’s not a difficult job to identify them.

Today, the CBE released the list of people who refused to return the money. So far, there is a total of 5166 customers on the list. CBE bank is threatening them to return the money. Otherwise, the bank will release their pictures in the media and file a police case against them.

list of customers

It will be interesting to see how and when the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia will recover the remaining amount, which is around $30M, as per the initial reports. However the bank claimed that they lost only $14M and have recovered $10M.

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