July 14, 2024

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Tigray Amhara

Exchange of gunfire between Tigray & Amhara fighters

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Tigray and Amhara fighters exchanged gunfire on Monday night in a disputed territory. Tensions arose between the two sides in the wake of a strong statement issued by Tigray interim government this week.

The exchange of gunfire happened in southern zone called Raya Alamata & Korem. Southern and Western zones are disputed between the two sides. Both regions have claims to Southern zone ( Raya Alamata & Korem ) and Western zone ( Wolkait Humera Tsegede).

The two zones were part of Tigray before war broke out in northern Ethiopia in November 2020. During the war, Amhara and Federal forces took control of the zones. Since then Amhara region backed transitional administration has been in control of these areas. Both Amhara and Tigray regions cite historical evidence to back their claims to the disputed territories.

Monday’s exchange of gunfire did not cause any casualties. The two sides clashed in southern zone earlier this year too. This week, Tigray interim government issued a strong statement, criticizing Amhara regional government for allegedly showing Tigray territories as part of Amhara regional map.

Ethiopian federal government last year proposed a solution to break the deadlock between Tigray & Amhara. The 4-stage solution includes return of IDPs, dismantlement of temporary administrations, withdrawal of regional forces, militias and holding of referendum. Tigray rejected the idea of referendum.

Tigray and Amhara leaders held a meeting this month. The meeting was chaired by deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh. Getachew Reda, Tigray interim president Arega Kegede, Amhara regional president, and others participated. The two sides agreed on return of IDPs. They agreed to meet again. Nothing was said about the disputed territories though.

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