April 16, 2024

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Ethiopia Publishes Controversial Map of Somalia & Somaliland – Another Death in Mogadishu

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In this blog, we’ll be discussing two significant stories. Firstly, Ethiopia’s recent publication of a controversial map of Somalia and Somaliland, and secondly, the unfortunate news of another high-profile figure from Somaliland being found dead in Somalia.

Ethiopia Publishes Controversial Map

Tensions between Ethiopia and Somalia have escalated, with both countries standing firm on their positions. Ethiopia recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Somaliland regarding access to the sea, while Somalia entered into a defense pact with Turkey. This defense agreement was approved by Somalia’s parliament just two days ago, leading to Ethiopia’s provocative move to publish a controversial map.

It’s essential to note that, internationally, Somaliland is not recognized as an independent country and is treated as part of Somalia. The map, broadcasted by the Ethiopian State Broadcasting Corporation, delineates Somalia and Somaliland as separate entities, suggesting that Ethiopia views the Turkey-Somalia defense agreement as pertaining only to Somalia and not Somaliland.

The unfolding situation raises questions about the deployment of Turkish naval resources and the potential involvement in securing Somaliland’s territorial waters. Monitoring these developments will be crucial in understanding the evolving dynamics.

Another Death in Somalia

In a separate development, another death has occurred in Somalia, further intensifying inter-communal tensions. Ahmed Adan, a former Member of Parliament originally from Somaliland, was found dead in a hotel in Mogadishu. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear—whether it was a natural death or an act of violence is yet to be determined. This incident follows the brutal murder of Abdi Nasir, a civil aviation engineer, a few days ago. Abdi Nasir was brutally killed in Mogadishu. He was originally from Somaliland.

As tensions continue between Somaliland and Somalia, it becomes imperative to ensure the safety of individuals from both regions. Minor incidents could potentially lead to more significant conflicts, making it crucial to investigate and hold accountable those responsible for acts of violence.

The situation remains fluid, and we will be closely monitoring further developments. Stay tuned for updates on these unfolding events.