July 14, 2024

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Ethiopian PM Abay

Meeting Held by Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed

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Ethiopian PM Abiy recently conducted a crucial meeting in Oromia. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the issues discussed during this meeting, including the MOU signed between Somaliland and Ethiopia, the challenges faced in its implementation, and insights into armed groups.

Meeting Overview

Ethiopian PM Abiy held a pivotal meeting with government representatives, party leaders, and Oromia Region President Shimes Abdisa. The discussions primarily revolved around three key issues.

Ongoing OLA Conflict

OLA, an armed group, has been engaged in conflict in the Oromia region for years. A month ago, OLA declared two strikes in Oromia, leading to road blockades, business closures, and attacks on vehicles. Despite two failed attempts at negotiation between the Ethiopian government and OLA, talks are expected to resume for a third round.

Unity within the Prosperity Party

The second focus of the meeting was on the unity of the Prosperity Party. Ethiopian PM Abiy, facing challenges, often seeks support in Oromia due to his roots in the region. A recent criticism by Minister Taye Dandea led to his imprisonment. The Prime Minister aims to maintain party unity, especially with challenges already present in the Amhara region.

Challenges in MOU Implementation

On the 1st of January 2024, an MOU was signed between Somaliland and Ethiopia, wherein Ethiopia would recognize Somaliland as a separate country. However, the implementation of the MOU has faced obstacles. Somalia, claiming Somaliland as part of its territory, has threatened Ethiopia. Meanwhile, Ethiopia and Somaliland are still negotiating, while Somalia and Turkey recently signed a defense cooperation agreement, adding complexity to the situation.

Current Status and Potential Decisions

As 50 days have passed since the MOU signing, there is no progress in its implementation. With Somalia’s threats and regional complexities, Ethiopian PM Abiy may need to make significant decisions in the coming days regarding OLA, MOU implementation, and maintaining the unity of the Prosperity Party.

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