July 14, 2024

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Getachew Reda Tigray

Alleged Meetings of Getachew Reda and the Tigray-Eritrea Connection

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A whirlwind of rumors has recently enveloped social media, touching on various facets of Ethiopian politics. One particularly intriguing claim suggests that Trigray’s interim president, Getachew Reda, held clandestine meetings with officials from Eritrea and Egypt. As we navigate the details, we must also explore the complexities of Tigray-Eritrea relations and their potential impact on Ethiopia’s geopolitical landscape.

Getachew Reda’s Mysterious Disappearance

The mystery surrounding Getachew Reda’s sudden disappearance two weeks ago has given rise to many speculations. While some conjecture about health issues or alleged poisoning, the absence of an official statement from the interim government only fuels the rumors.

Journalist Claims and the Tigray-Eritrea Connection

Ethiopian journalist Sisay Agena added an intriguing layer to the narrative by asserting that Getachew Reda held a meeting in Europe with officials from Eritrea and Egypt. Delving deeper into this claim, the question arises: What could be the motive behind such alleged meetings, especially considering the strained relations between Tigray and Eritrea?

Eritrea-Ethiopia-Tigray Dynamics

The historical context of the Tigray-Eritrea relationship adds complexity to the alleged meetings. Eritrea and Tigray have shared a tumultuous history of conflict and shifting alliances. The recent conflict in Tigray has strained relations further, with Eritrea accused of supporting Ethiopian forces in the region. Given the ongoing tensions, the idea of a meeting between Tigray officials and Eritrea raises eyebrows.

Geopolitical Realities and Skepticism

While rumors of secret meetings capture attention, the practicalities of such a rendezvous need careful consideration. European territories are closely monitored by Ethiopian embassies and intelligence agencies, making it challenging for any official, including Getachew Reda, to conduct covert discussions with foreign counterparts.


As we navigate through the labyrinth of rumors, it becomes apparent that the geopolitical landscape of the Horn of Africa is undergoing a profound transformation. The intricacies of Tigray-Eritrea relations and the uncertainties surrounding Getachew Reda’s alleged meetings add complexity to an already intricate situation.

During political turbulence, it is essential to approach these rumors with a critical eye, acknowledging the broader context and historical dynamics at play. As events unfold, the true nature of Getachew Reda’s disappearance and any potential meetings will undoubtedly shape Ethiopia’s political landscape and its relations with neighboring nations.

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