July 19, 2024

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Advice for Somalia’s President | Orthodox Priest Flatters Ethiopian PM

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Welcome back to My Views and News. Today, we’ll discuss two news stories. Firstly, a piece of advice from the UN for Somalia’s president regarding the ongoing Somalia-Ethiopia tension. How appropriate is this advice? What is the UN doing for Somalia? Should the UN advise Somalia or take concrete actions to support it? UN’s Secretary-General spokesperson, Catriona, spoke yesterday. What did she say? Secondly, Prime Minister ABI held a meeting with Amhara Region’s notables, PP members, religious leaders, etc. An Orthodox priest attended the meeting, and a video of his address to the Ethiopian PM has gone viral. How did he address the PM, considering the tensions between the Orthodox church and the government? We’ll also explore the priest’s controversial statements and the criticism he’s facing in Ethiopia. Let’s dive into the details.

UN’s Response to Somalia-Ethiopia Tension

The discussion shifts to the Somalia-Ethiopia confrontation over the memorandum signed on January 1st between Ethiopia and Somaliland. The UN’s response so far has been limited to issuing statements. The African Union called for dialogue but with no tangible actions. Somalia rejects the idea of dialogue with Ethiopia unless Ethiopia withdraws from the memorandum. Urgent international intervention is requested by Somalia as Ethiopian military officers are allegedly present in Somaliland, preparing for the implementation of the memorandum.

UN’s Advice to Somalia’s President

The UN Secretary-General’s special representative for Somalia advises Somalia’s president. She expresses disappointment in the African Union’s recent session, which did not diffuse tensions. She urges Somalia’s president to be measured in his response, implying a need for caution in his statements. The UN emphasizes the potential dangers of escalating ethnic tensions and urges calm.

Orthodox Priest’s Flattery and Controversy

The discussion shifts to Prime Minister ABI’s meeting with notables from the Amhara region. The region is destabilized due to conflicts between Faro Fighters and the military. An Orthodox priest, however, praised the Prime Minister during the meeting, calling him “the king” and reciting a religious prayer. This action sparked controversy, with critics slamming the priest for undue appreciation of those in power.


In summary, the UN’s response to the Somalia-Ethiopia tension seems limited to statements, while Somalia urges urgent international intervention. The UN advises Somalia’s president to exercise caution in his response. Meanwhile, an Orthodox priest’s flattery of Prime Minister ABI raises eyebrows, leading to criticism of his words. The situation remains complex, with tensions escalating on multiple fronts.