July 19, 2024

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Addis Ababa ID

Addis Ababa to Completely Ban Paper-Based IDs

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Addis Ababa government is going to completely ban all paper-based IDs. Digital IDs are being issued in the capital city.

The government officials say that the paper-based IDs /City Residency cards are going to be completely discontinued. For around 75 years, the authorities in the capital city have been issuing these paper based IDs.

The Civil Registration and Residence Service Agency is expected to make an announcement about final switch to digital identity on Tuesday reportedly.

More than a week ago, the government asked all city residents to get their digital IDs in two weeks. Number of people with digital IDs in the capital city has crossed 1.7 million while number of people holding the golden ID has decreased significantly.

All Addis Ababa Residents to Have Digital ID in 2 Weeks

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