July 19, 2024

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Addis Ababa Digital ID

All Addis Ababa Residents to Have Digital ID in 2 Weeks

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Residents of Addis Ababa have been directed to obtain a digital ID card in 2 weeks.

More than 2 million residents have benefited from changing the previous paper ID card to digital. The remaining ones are expected to digitalize their ID cards within two weeks, Addis Ababa city civil registration and residence service agency said this.

More than 5 hundred thousand residents who have not given a print before have been registered for digital ID cards. Number of people with digital IDs has reached 1.7 million while number of people holding the golden ID has decreased significantly.

People who issue new IDs will not be given the golden ID card. The agency said that those who are sick and bedridden, the elderly and those who do not take the digital ID card for various reasons will be given the golden ID card until next December. 

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