July 14, 2024

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Top Tigray military officers have been killed in Bati & Kamisee town, says Ethiopian government

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Ethiopian government communication officer today, in a statement, claimed that some Generals and Colonels of Tigray forces have been killed in attacks by Ethiopian Federal Army in Bati and Kamisee towns.

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Bati town is situated on the Afar-Amhara border. Fighting is being reported between Tigray forces and the Ethiopian Federal Army supported by Afar regional forces for the control of this town for the last 48 hours. According to the statement issued, 6 top TDF commanders have been killed in Bati town in the ongoing fighting.

Kamisee town is situated on the borders of Oromia Special Zone and North Shewa Zone Amhara region. The town came under the control of Tigray forces and Oromo Liberation Army fighters more than a week ago. In Kamisee too, the Ethiopian government statement says, 6 top TDF commanders have been killed in the ongoing fighting.

No names have been provided by the Ethiopian government of the killed Tigray commanders so far. Ethiopian government forces have intensified the use of their newly purchased drones. On Bati and Kamisee fronts, the Ethiopian air force has been carrying out the drone and air strikes since last week.