July 19, 2024

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Ethiopia expels 4 Irish

Ethiopia expels 4 Irish diplomats

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Ethiopia has expelled 4 Irish diplomats. Irish Foreign Ministry has issued a statement in this regard. The statement says that Ethiopian authorities have told 4 Irish diplomats at the Irish embassy in Addis Ababa to leave Ethiopia within one week.

Ethiopia expels 4 Irish

The Irish embassy in Addis Ababa has six diplomats. Irish ambassador and 1 diplomat have been allowed to continue working.

The Irish government has been very vocal in calling for sanctions against the Ethiopian government over the ongoing Tigray conflict. Since the start of the Tigray war in November 2020, Ireland has requested several special UN Security Council meetings and at the UNSC meetings, Ireland took a strong position against the Ethiopian government.

Irish government in the statement says that it stands with the people of Ethiopia and it will keep on providing pledged £16 million financial assistance for humanitarian operations in Ethiopia.