June 20, 2024

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ethiopia leaked

Ethiopia: Leaked recording of Zoom meeting on Ethiopian conflict

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Ethiopia: A leaked recording of a Zoom meeting is being shared on social media platforms. On the basis of this recording, it is being claimed that the US & Western countries are conspiring against Ethiopian PM Abiy and they want to remove Ethiopian PM Abiy from power.

ethiopia leaked

The zoom recording is basically a presentation by TPLF spokesperson, Berhane Gebre Christos, to other guests who ask questions. The meeting was hosted by an Ethiopian Professor, Ephraim Isaac. Another Ethiopian, Dr. Eleni, working with the UN, was also part of this meeting. Most of the other participants are retired US, UK, or European diplomats except Donald Yamamoto who is serving as US ambassador to Somalia.

Some retired diplomats like Vicky Huddleston have known strong positions against the Ethiopian sitting government. Vicky Huddleston has been calling for the removal of Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmad and the start of a national dialogue in her recent appearances in international media.

It would be an exaggeration to conclude on the basis of this meeting that the US and West are conspiring against Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad. Retired diplomats are entitled to have their views. Dr. Eleni and Donald Yomamoto were not heard backing the removal of Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmad in the zoom recording.