July 14, 2024

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Tariku Gankisi, an Ethiopian singer who opposed the war at a rally, breaks into tears on EBS

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Tariku Gankisi, the Ethiopian singer, broke into tears during an appearance on the EBS TV channel. The singer, a few days ago, publicly opposed the ongoing Ethiopia war at an Addis Ababa rally where he had been invited to mobilize youth to join the ongoing fighting in Ethiopia.

Since his moving speech at the Addis Ababa rally, Tariku Gankisi has been under pressure. Some Ethiopian government supporters have been pressurizing him to apologize. In a message, he had confirmed that he was receiving threats.

At an appearance on EBS TV, he burst into tears. It seems he is alone. Other Ethiopian and Tigray influencers should join his call for peace. Ethiopia is in need of such voices which call for peace in order to end the year-long conflict which has cost thousands of casualties in the Tigray, Amhara & Afar regions of Ethiopia.