July 14, 2024

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Ethiopia War: Battlefield updates from Were Ilu, Mille, and North Shewa zone

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Ethiopia War: Tigray forces in alliance with fighters of the Oromo Liberation Army are keeping their pressure upon Amhara, Afar & Ethiopian Federal forces on several fronts.

Yesterday Tigray and OLA fighters launched their 3rd attack towards strategic Ethiopia-Djibouti road through Telalak woreda of Afar region where the overall situation is fluid though both sides are claiming of having secured gains.

Was Ilu town situated to the west of Dessie & Kombolcha is another important front. Tigray forces are trying to move towards the Gojjam zone of the Amhara region from Were Ilu. Both sides i.e. Tigray forces and Amhara regional forces and militias have deployed their fighters in large numbers on this front.

In the Oromia special zone and north Shewa zone of the Amhara region, TDF & OLA have made some gains. Majete and Kamisee are under TDF & OLA control. But Amhara forces are in control of Awetu mountain close to Senbete & Ataye, which is keeping TDF and OLA’s advance towards Debre Berhan slow.