June 20, 2024

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Somaliland Warns against Foreign Intervention In Support of Somali

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In recent developments concerning the Ethiopia-Somaliland Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), signed on the first of January 2024, we bring you the latest updates. Despite the signing, the implementation of the MOU has faced delays, prompting a response from the Somaliland Foreign Ministry.

Bloomberg’s Claim

According to Bloomberg, Ethiopia is reportedly considering withdrawing from an MOU clause. Last night, the Somaliland Foreign Ministry issued a statement addressing this claim, shedding light on the current situation.

Technical Team’s Visit

Yesterday, a technical team visited Somaliland postal areas from Ceel Sheikh to Bulohar. Questions arise regarding the composition of this technical team – was it a joint effort between Ethiopian and Somaliland technical committee members, or was it exclusively from one side?

Somaliland’s Warning

In light of these developments, Somaliland issued a statement expressing concerns and warning to countries and organizations that openly intervene in support of Somalia. The ongoing tension between Somaliland and Ethiopia adds complexity to the situation, especially given Ethiopia’s desire to establish a naval base in Somaliland.

MOU Controversy

The controversy surrounding MOU persists. Ethiopia aims to establish a naval base in Somaliland, offering recognition in return. However, Somalia vehemently rejects any such proposition, vowing not to allow Ethiopia a foothold in Somaliland. Ethiopia, on the other hand, is actively seeking allies to counter these challenges.

Defense Agreements

Somalia recently signed a defense cooperation agreement with Turkey, a significant regional player. Egypt has also pledged support to Somalia. However, the focus is on the Turkey-Somalia defense agreement, which involves training Somali naval and ground forces and exploring activities in Somali territorial waters.

Somaliland’s Vigilance

Somaliland’s statement warns against external interference in the region, mainly directed towards nations protecting Somalia’s sovereignty. The statement emphasizes Somaliland’s right to enter into agreements with other countries while safeguarding its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Turkey’s Role

Turkey’s involvement, especially its defense agreement with Somalia, is a focal point. The concern is evident, as the potential deployment of Turkish naval forces in Somaliland’s territorial waters raises apprehensions.


As the situation unfolds, it remains dynamic and multifaceted. The Somaliland-Ethiopia tension and external interventions add complexity to the region’s geopolitical landscape. Stay tuned for further updates on how Ethiopia and Somaliland navigate the implementation of the MOU and address the ongoing challenges.

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