April 16, 2024

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Somaliland Announces Three Measures to Implement MoU with Ethiopia

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Today, Somaliland announced three measures to implement and finalize the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Ethiopia and Somaliland. As a self-declared country, Somaliland will gain recognition from Ethiopia, which holds strategic implications, especially considering Ethiopia’s landlocked status.

The MoU between Ethiopia and Somaliland, signed in January 2024, outlined ambitious plans, including Ethiopia establishing a naval base in Somaliland. However, there has been no concrete progress despite the initial optimism and the stipulation that the MoU would transition into a formal agreement within a month.

Delay and Three Measures Announced

Fifty days have passed since the signing of the MoU, and signs of any agreement are still elusive. In response to the mounting pressure from Somalia and external entities expressing concerns, Somaliland has recently announced three key measures aimed at addressing the impasse:

1. Technical Committee

A technical committee will be established to navigate the complex details of the MoU and streamline the implementation process.

2. Engagement of International Legal Experts

International legal experts will be brought in to provide their expertise, ensuring that the agreement adheres to international standards and legal frameworks.

3. Constitution of a High-Level Advisory Panel

A high-level advisory panel will be formed to address the geopolitical complexities surrounding the MoU to provide guidance and strategic insights.

Somalia’s Defense Cooperation Agreement with Turkey

Amid these developments, Somalia has signed a defense cooperation agreement with Turkey. This agreement entails Turkey training Somalia’s Navy and safeguarding their coastal areas. In return, Turkey is set to receive 30% of Somalia’s underwater resources. The critical question arises: will Turkey extend its protective umbrella over Somaliland’s coastal areas, slated to be handed over to Ethiopia?

The Ongoing Situation

As Ethiopia and Somaliland navigate these three measures, the delay in transforming the MoU into a formal agreement raises uncertainties. The initial promise of a one-month timeline has given way to a more protracted process, possibly indicating the complexity of the negotiations and the geopolitical pressures at play.


The situation remains fluid, and the ultimate resolution is unclear. Will it culminate in a peaceful agreement, or is there a risk of escalating tensions, even leading to conflict? Your insights and opinions on how this situation might unfold are welcomed.