July 19, 2024

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high voltage pole damage in Humera region

Repair Crews Work to Restore Power to Humera After Disaster

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The natural disaster caused significant damage to the area of Humera and the surrounding high-voltage transmission infrastructure. The North West Region operation and maintenance directorate has initiated a critical effort to reconnect power to Humera and the surrounding communities.

A 230-kilovolt metal transmission pole, a crucial component of the regional power grid, collapsed in Endrias Kebele. It is located approximately 30 kilometers from the city of Humera. This incident has left Humera City, as well as several nearby rural towns, without electricity since June 16, 2024.

The affected areas include not only Humera but also the towns of Dansha, Baker, Adiremet, Soreka, Mykadra, Abderafi, Abhajira, Adigoshu, and Adebay. The loss of power has disrupted daily life and economic activities across this wide region.

According to Mr. Wubet Abe, the director of the North West Region operation and maintenance directorate, a specialized technical team has been promptly dispatched to the site to assess the damage and begin the repair work. Their goal is to restore the fallen transmission pole and reconnect the power supply to the affected communities as quickly as possible.

The repair crew is working diligently to minimize the duration of this power outage, recognizing the significant impact it is having on the daily lives and economic well-being of the local population. Restoring reliable electricity is a top priority for the regional authorities.

The loss of power in Humera and the surrounding areas has far-reaching consequences. Households, businesses, and critical infrastructure, such as hospitals and schools, have all been affected. Prompt restoration of the electricity grid is essential to supporting the region’s economic activities.

The North West Region operation and maintenance directorate is committed to completing the necessary repairs and reconnecting power to the affected communities as swiftly as possible.

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