July 19, 2024

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Ethiopia secures grant to fight against tuberculosis (TB), HIV_AIDS, and malaria

Ethiopia Secures Over $600M Grant to Fight TB, HIV, & Malaria

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Ethiopia took a critical step forward in its fight against three major infectious diseases, tuberculosis (TB), HIV/AIDS, and malaria. Ethiopia signed a $623.6 million grant agreement with the Global Fund, a leading international organization dedicated to accelerating the end of these epidemics.

The Global Fund will be providing the majority of the funding, contributing a substantial $440.4 million grant specifically earmarked for tackling these three diseases. Additionally, the organization has allocated an extra $183.2 million as “prioritized above allocation,” bringing the total commitment from the Global Fund to an impressive $623.6 million.

Ethiopia will also contribute $451 million over the next three years, demonstrating its commitment to working together with the Global Fund to fight against tuberculosis (TB), HIV/AIDS, and malaria.
This funding boost will significantly enhance Ethiopia’s capacity to combat these diseases, ultimately improving the health and well-being of its citizens. The joint effort between the Global Fund and the Ethiopian government highlights the importance of international cooperation in addressing global health challenges.

The agreement marks a crucial milestone in Ethiopia’s efforts to control and eliminate these diseases, which have long been major public health concerns in the country.

At the signing of a big grant agreement, Ethiopia’s Health Minister, Mekdes Daba, talked about the importance of community-based and innovative approaches to fight tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and malaria.

Minister Daba mentioned that the country’s existing health extension program has been successful and that digital health interventions could also be very effective. She expressed hope that these new ideas could help Ethiopia make even more progress in fighting diseases.

The Health Minister also mentioned that Ethiopia has been doing well in reducing the number of people with tuberculosis, with a decline of 8-9% every year. This shows that the country’s efforts to combat the disease are paying off.

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