April 16, 2024

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Abiy Ahmed Ali

Rallies in One Region to Celebrate the Rule of PM Abiy Ahmed Ali

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Massive rallies were taken out in the Oromia region of Ethiopia today. The rallies were taken out to celebrate the coming to power of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali

Abiy Ahmed took office on the 2nd April, 2018. He came to power after mega protests rattled the previous EPRDF government. The protests were mainly held in the Oromia region. PM Abiy Ahmed Ali, who hails from from Jimma Oromia, promised democratic reforms, reconciliation and era of change after he took office.

Today’s rallies were taken out in the Oromia region only. Rallies were held across Oromia including Nekemte East Wellega, Dembi Dollo Kellem Wellega, Gimbi West Wellega, Ambo West Shewa, Asela Arsi, Arsi, Borena, Bishoftu etc. The rallies were attended by thousands of people who vowed to continue the journey of change.

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Ali calls his era as era of change and prosperity. But his critics accuse of initiating the worst conflicts in the Ethiopian history, which have led to tens of thousands casualties. Two year long Tigray war cost around half a million lives. An ongoing conflict in the Amhara region is causing a humanitarian crisis in parts of the region.

Interestingly no major rallies were held in any other regional states today to celebrate Abiy Ahmed’s rule. Does it mean that the Ethiopian Prime Minister is losing acceptance in Ethiopia except Oromia?

Holding of major rallies in Oromia can be seen as a strong message from Oromia to the armed groups in Amhara region called Fano. Fano fighters want to reach Addis Ababa to remove the Prime Minister.

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