July 14, 2024

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CBE Bank Ethiopia

Ethiopia CBE bank releases pics of those who did not return money

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Ethiopian Commercial Bank has released pictures of some account holders. Ethiopia CBE bank released pictures of those customers who made illegal money transactions during a technical glitch last month.

Ethiopia CBE bank has been warning customers to return money, threatening of legal action too. An earlier deadline given by the bank expired on Saturday. A new deadline was issued by the Ethiopian Commercial Bank on Monday.

According to the new deadline, customers have been told to return money by Wednesday 3rd April 2024. Last night the bank released pictures of those account holders who made illegal money transactions from around 100,000 birrs to 300,000 birrs.

This is the first set of pictures made public. The bank intends to publish pictures of more account holders in coming days.

Last month CBE lost around $14 million due to a technical glitch during which bank account holders made thousands of illegal money transactions. The bank has recovered around $12 million so far.

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