June 20, 2024

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Ethiopian doctors

Ethiopian Resident Doctors in Trouble

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Ethiopian resident doctors are in trouble over non payment of salaries. The resident doctors studying for specialization are facing this issue.

Jimma University resident doctors have not been paid salaries for several months. Out of 100 doctors, 30 have left the university. In Hawassa university, full salary is not being paid. 9,000 birr are being paid while resident doctor’s monthly salary is 12,000 birr.

University authorities say that salaries are paid by the Ministry of Health. Ministry of Health did not respond to complaints from doctors. Last month, teachers and other government employees protested in Southern Ethiopia over non payment of salaries.

University students have been heard complaining about revising of food menu. Universities authorities say that the budget allocated to feed students is not sufficient. Some universities are seeking support from businessmen to feed their students.

While Ethiopian financial year is coming to a close, it seems Ethiopian institutions have run out of budget. They are waiting for new budget to be allocated.

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